Ex Domestically Sourced Pension Funds, Blended Irish Rescue Interest Rate Is 7.25%

Everyone expected a number between 5% and 6.7% on the Irish rescue interest rate. However, when one considers that the NPRF, which will serve as a source of capital in the rescue package has a zero interest rate (Ireland will not be paying interest to itself), and amounts to 20% of the total bailout figure, it appears that the blended rate of new money is actually 7.25%. From politics.ie: "Presumably the pensions reserve funds are at 0%, as its already our money. They form about 20% of the total amount. If one fifth of the amount is at zero percent, and the average is 5.8% - what is the interest on the rest of the money? I calculate 7.25%"

The rape of the Irish people by their new European banking overlords is reaching legendary proportions.