Excel Breakdown Of All Discount Window Users Between March 2008 - 2009

Tired of poring through thousands of PDF files from the Fed's Bloomberg FOIA release? Curious why Ron Paul said that he "was surprised and deeply disturbed ... to learn the staggering amount of money that went to foreign banks" and is planning to hold a hearing over emergency loans to the branches of non-U.S. banks? Then here is the excel file for you: the following publicly shared google docs spreadsheet contains the complete Discount Window loan origination data from March 14, 2008 through March 16, 2009. We offer it so that anyone who wishes to perform their own analysis on the primary data can do so (and needless to say banks noted as FORI in the markstat entity type are foreign borrowers). 

Discount Window spreadsheet link

Since the flood of requests appears to have taken down Google Docs, here is a direct download link to the spreadsheet in Ods format.

And a link for the same file in Xls format

h/t Doug