Fed Bashing... British Accent Style

Any epistle whose purpose is to bash the Fed, and which begins with the following British-accented sentence, that makes even the Zero Hedge 'run on' filter cower in fear, is worth at least 10 re-reads. "In the dominant Jacobin mindset which informs our present day society — a pervasive pathology sometimes narcissistically referred to as 'Cultural Marxism' by those half-educated former Hair-bears, now elevated to power by the mere passage of years, who fondly imagine that their fumbling sexual experiences and eager consumption of hallucinogenic substances of forty years ago constituted some sort of new dawn for Mankind — the individual — in contrast to the shining, secular deity of the State - is generally seen as feckless, shifty, grasping and unethical and hence is regarded as a dehumanized lab rat fit only to be the subject of a series of ill-considered social experiments notionally aimed at his 'improvement'." Pure poetry. Sean Corrigan's latest Material Evidence is a must read.

Material Evidence - 28th Jan 2011 - Sean Corrigan (pdf)



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