Fed To Monetize Just $93 Billion In Next 30 Days: Lowest Monthly Total In All Of QE2

The fed has just released its new POMO schedule for the period from May 12 to June 9. In essence, every single day between now and Thursday June 9 will see a POMO, except for holidays and June 2. The total amount to be monetized is just $93 billion consisting of $80 billion in Treasurys (no surprise) and just $13 billion in MBS, confirming that as we have expected, the QE Lite component of monetization is coming to a rapid end as few if any prepay their mortgages with the Fed any longer. The MBS component is down from $17 billion as of the last schedule, and from $22 billion two months ago. The total monthly amount of $93 billion is the lowest of any monthly QE2 schedule. And following the end of this schedule, there is just another 20 days before QE2 ends on June 30, meaning from now until the end of the ramp, there is at best about $160 billion in incremental capital courtesy of Brian Sack and Printocchio. Furthermore, as of the end of this POMO schedule, the Fed will have monetized just $711 billion. Throw in another $60 billion total for the remaining period through June 30, and the Fed will be woefully short of its upside range of monetizing up to $900 billion in USTs and Agencies.


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