Fed Monetizes $24 Million Of 30 Year Bond Issued Last Week

Last week, the US Treasury issued $16 billion in 30 year notes due 2040 (CUSIP: 912810QL5) which was one of the ugliest 30 Year auctions in recent history (Santelli grade: F), and which we speculated may be a dud as PDs were not aware of what the POMO schedule would look like, and that in turn it would likely be promptly refunded back to Bernanke. We covered that issuance in detail. Today, Brian Sack just completed a $2.2 billion POMO focusing on bonds in the 17-30 bucket, at a relatively high Submitted to Accepted Ratio of 5.1x (and yes, the higher than median ratio may be an indication why stocks are red again as explained before). What is most notable is that the last bond on the accepted list (highlighted below), of which the Fed monetized $24 million worth, is CUSIP QL5: the 30 Year bond auctioned off last week. And so the shell game continues.


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