Fed Sells $1.3 Billion Out Of $39.3 Billion In Maiden Lane II Assets In Auction

The Fed has just announced that of the 52 Maiden Lane II CUSIPs offered as part of a Bid List circulated on April 4, the Fed has just sold 42 of these CUSIPs, for a total face value (not price paid) of $1.3 billion. The actual cash exchanged is likely about 50% of this amount, as the Fed has kept the OID it used when purchasing the full $39.3 billion back in October 31, 2008 for $20.5 billion pretty much flat. The list of auction winner(s) will be made available shortly, as will the actual amount of proceeds received by the Fed and the IRR on the transaction. Since there is another $38 billion in ML2 assets left, look for many more such Bid Lists over the next several months until the market crashes and yield chasing finally ends.