Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Update: Week Of February 11

The Federal Reserve's balance remained at an all time high of $2.233 Trillion in assets, after a $3 billion increase in MBS and Agency purchases week over week. 

  • Securities held outright: $1,913 billion (an increase of $57 billion MoM, resulting from $52 billion increase in MBS and $5 billion in Agency Debt), or a $3 billion increase sequentially. The fed is now 95% complete with its purchases of MBS.
  • Net borrowings: $127 billion. The monetary base increased by $50 billion in the past fortnight to $2.06 trillion. The ratio of total assets to Monetary Base remained constant at 1.08x, elevated from the historical ratio of 1.00x.
  • Float, liquidity swaps, Maiden Lane and other assets: $193 billion. The CPFF program was at $8.5 billion. FX liquidity swaps declined by were flat at a nominal $100 million. Maiden Lane I and Maiden Lane II were at $26.9 and $15.3 billion, while Maiden Lane III continues pretending it has value and came at $22.2 billion.

Custody foreign holdings increased by $9.3 billion to $2,956 billion.

A maturity profile of the Fed's assets indicates a skewed maturity distribution. Of a total of $2 trillion in dated assets, $132 billion mature in under 15 days, $226 billion in under 1 year, and $976 billion in under ten years.


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