Fed's Bullard Says Could Do More Quantitative Easing If US "Got Into Bad Downturn"

If you needed any confirmation that the next round of QE is just around the corner, here it is. Just headlines for now. As the US is in a pretty "bad downturn" right about now, it is only a matter of time before Bernanke flips the turbo-print switch. Recall that Bob Janjuah expects the Fed to launch a new $5 trillion QE version by early 2011. The odds of him being right just went HFT caught in a short squeeze. Bullard also noted that QE will be removed eventually and in due course, which he presumably equated with a 5 year period. Expect ZIRP to last through 2015 at least. By then US debt/GDP will be around 100x (not %).