Fed's Central Bank Swaps Increase By $5.4 Billion To $6.6 Billion

The Fed lent out $6.6 billion in liquidity swaps this week to foreign banks, of which the biggest beneficiary was the ECB, with a 1 week swap of $5.4 billion and an 84 day swap of $1.0 billion. The only other bank receiving Fed aid was the Bank of Japan, which got $210 million. What is funny is that the ECB is now an example of just how large the FX imbalance in Europe is: the ECB has had to lend out $6.4 billion in dollars even as banks have hoarded €320 billion in euro deposits with the ECB, a new all time record. In other words, nobody wants euros, and everybody is dying to get their hands on dollars. But somehow the market is supposed to believe the funding situation in Europe is ok. Lastly, the $6.6 billion in total Fed liquidity swaps $5.4 billion greater than the prior week's $1.2 billion. We wonder what spin will be applied to explain the 500% increase in world dollar funding requirements.