The Fed's Nemesis: Exter's $2 Quadrillion Of "Liquidity"

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Nov 09, 2009 - 0:05

Another representation of what will likely become a prevalent topic in upcoming days: the Exter pyramid. When the system works, the various layers are in equilibrium. When the system is broken, like it is now, the Fed and all Central Banks try to refill the pyramid from the bottom-up with every single dollar they print. The current temporary calm is all Bernanke can hope to achieve before $2 quadrillion of liquidity collapses onto whatever truly tangible assets exist. They don't call it a pyramid scheme for nothing. And by assets, we are not talking about the crap that the Fed collateralizes against in its Discount Window and Primary Dealer Lending Facility taxpayer handouts. And for the goldbugs: $2 quadrillion (mythical liquidity) collapsing into $2 trillion (hard assets): can you spell $1 million an ounce of gold? (Because even S&P would likely rate any company with 1000x book (imaginary to real asset ratio) at most an AAA-...Maybe)

It is starting to get interesting.