Feeling Vindictive? Here Is Your Chance To Bet Bernanke's Printing Career Will End Before December 31, 2011

Feeling like the economy is not the only thing that has taken a dump for the worse? Harboring a nagging suspicion that the Chairman's chances to continue presiding over the free world with a Hewlett Packardian fist may have taken a bit of a hit, and his Wall Street overlords are starting to consider pulling a Hudsucker Proxy and replacing him with Mark Zandi? If so, InTrade has you covered. As of today, you have the chance to bet that the mutant second coming of Rudolph von Havenstein and Gideon Gono will be shown the door, either voluntarily or not, by the end of 2011. In some ways this is perfect way to hedge one's precious metal, stock market, and rates bets, since the entire fate of capital markets continues to rest squarely on the Chairman's shoulders. We wonder how long before Goldman securitizes this InTrade contract and sells the equity tranche to idiot European and Korean money managers...


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