The FFIV Momo Enablers

While it is fun to blame Cramer for all the problems, and worst stock calls in the world, we certainly would not want to leave his co-enablers out in the dark. Behold the four sell-side research "advisories" who have just confirmed that the only thing they know is to look for momentum stocks, goalseek their models, and do absolutely no diligence. We urge readers to completely ignore what the 4 analysts behind the below recommendations propose as target prices for their coverage universe going forward, and to actively do the opposite of what their stock advice is.

  • Jan 18 (Reuters) - F5 Networks Inc: * Rbc raises F5 Networks Inc price target to $150 from $130
  • Jan 14 (Reuters) - Canaccord genuity raises F5 Networks Inc target price to $150 from $120
  • Jan 11 (Reuters) - Wedbush raises F5 Networks target price to $155 from $135
  • Jan 6 (Reuters)  - F5 Networks Inc: * miller tabak raises f5 networks target price to $170 from $130

Sometimes we wonder if destroying the expert networks was such a good idea. At least one could pay and get some reasonably good (if thoroughly illegal) information in return.

h/t LDT


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