Field Trip: Inclement Weather in Los Angeles Destroys Last Minute Christmas Shopping Volume

Dancing through the aisles... at TCO's Beverly Center and Westfield's Westfield Century City:


As you can see, weather concerns dominated the day.

Hopefully 9am will be early enough to get parking!


655 + 532 + 581 + 353 = 2,121  Huh?

Must be broken sensors.


Hmmm, that's odd.

Well, better hurry to get my MacBook before the crowds gather:


Wow.  That was easy.  Maybe everyone is wandering around.


Or, maybe not.  Perhaps outside?


Helllooooo?  Anyone?  Well, now that it's 10am, let's see if there are any parking spaces left.


627 + 444 + 510 + 281 = 1,862

60 minute car net influx: 259

Well, maybe they were minivans filled with 6 family members each?


Well, it is kind of chilly.



Uh oh.  Well, we can always come back another day.



h/t: John Gault