First Fed Invoice For Bailing Out Europe Is In: The Damage - $9.2 Billion

The first bill to US taxpayers for volunteering to bail out Europe is in. It appears in the past week the New York Fed executed an FX swap with the ECB for $9.2 billion notional of FX swaps. As we reported earlier by demonstrating the lack of bids for the BOE's dollar repo operation, only the ECB is (currently) in need of dollars. Yes America, in addition to the IMF contribution of ~$50 billion, with each passing week you will see more and more billions of dollars collateralized by a rapidly devaluing foreign currency serve as the backstop for your currency.

And below, fresh from the just released H.4.1 statement is the offical settled amount as of May 12: $9.2 billion.

And lastly don't forget - this extra Fed "asset" is now a liability in the form of excess reserves, which are calmly collecting 0.25% for the benefit of some Wall Street banks.

In other total BS news courtesy of the Fed, the notional value of Maiden Lane I holdings is now at a few year+ high.