For First Time Total Comex Silver Drops Below 100 Million Ounces; Physical Deliverable Silver Under 28 Million Oz

The slow, steady, very predetermined and methodical depletion of Comex silver, which recently entered 6-sigma range for a perfectly random event, or is the preparation for a Hunt Bros squeeze, now that there is 32% less silver (27.9MM vs 41MM on April 19) than there was 2 months ago, is starting to become disturbing to anyone who can identify a flat line pointing northeast at -45 degrees. Contrary to promises from virtually everyone that the ongoing decline in registered silver is something very temporary, the perfectly diagonal chart below begs to differ with this naive and now disproven hypothesis. The culprit for today's decline to a new record low is Brink's warehouse, where there was a 9% draw down in both registered and eligible silver. In the meantime, registered silver has not posted an uptick in over 3 months. Amusingly this is happening even as the price of spot and futures silver continues to trend lower. We wonder at what point will the general public wake up to what is happening (hint: here): 25MM oz? 20MM oz? 10MM oz? 0? When Bloomberg writes an article how physical silver is the equivalent of Japanese off the charts safe purchases? Never?

Daily change from the Comex:

A longer-term chart: