Five People Killed As Protests Shift To North Korea: Government Mobilizes In Preparation For Violent Demonstrations

Freedom fighter Bernie Bernanke's has just carved another notch in his liberation bed post. With everyone expecting Saudi Arabia to fall next, or even South Korea, following days of consistently unreported bank runs, it is North Korea which takes tonight's gray swan award. From The Chosunilbo: "Hundreds of people clashed with security forces in the North Korean town of Sinuiju on the border with China on Friday, a source in the Stalinist country said Wednesday. The military was deployed to quell the demonstration, leaving some protesters wounded. The source said police officers cracking down on traders in a market in Sinuiju after the public holidays marking leader Kim Jong-il's birthday beat one of them unconscious. The victim's family protested and many other traders went along to support them. When it looked as though other people might join the traders, security agents and military troops moved in. Rumor has it that four or five people were killed in the resulting clashes, but no details of civilian casualties are known." So how much are those North Korea CDS again? And how much longer does China think it can suppress its own 1.3 billion-strong tsunami?


The security forces were reportedly on emergency alert in the area after the incident. A defector from Sinuiju said, "Since Feb. 15, I've had difficulties communicating with my contact in Sinuiju. I called him at a pre-arranged time but his mobile phone was turned off."

The source said while the protest was sparked by the crackdown in the market, it was an eruption of long pent-up discontent.

The regime had promised to dole out special rations to Sinuiju residents ahead of Kim's birthday on Feb. 16 but reportedly failed to keep the promise. People were also angry that the regime was once again trying to interfere with their attempts to earn a living in the market.

Meanwhile, the online newspaper Daily NK reported on Wednesday that the regime created a special mobilization force to prevent any demonstrations similar to the recent uprisings in the Middle East.

And since North Korea has no problems with devaluing its currency, expect to see Won raining from the sky a day or so ahead of the latest farcist monetary repudiation, as another attempt at whorism goes whorribly wrong.

h/t Sergey