"Flip That Bond" - 80% Of Today's POMO Is In Form Of 7 Year Bond Auctioned Off 3 Days Ago

While it is unclear if the 7 Year bond auctioned off last week (our commentary on that partcularly weak auction rescued by Primary Dealers is here) Cusip: 912828QG8 has even settled yet (it certainly is not on the Daily Treasury Statement as of Friday), what is clear is that as part of today's POMO which closed 30 minutes earlier, that very issue accounted for a whopping 78.5%, or $6 billion, of the entire operation. As a reminder, Primary Dealers bought $15.4 billion of the auction on Thursday, and just as we predicted, couldn't wait to flip it back to the Fed. Indeed, 39% of the entire allocation has now been flipped right back to Brian Sack. And people wonder why Bill Gross is paranoid that in the absence of the Fed this thoroughly fake bid will no longer be there. And with PDs actually forced to hold the bonds they quote-unquote bid for, one wonders: what clearing price will be appropriate, once the flip game ends?