"Flip That Bond" Fed Monetizes 50% Of Primary Dealer Bid From Last Wednesday's 7 Year Auction

Grotesque, meet tragicomic. In today's POMO the biggest CUSIP monetized was QB9, of which the Fed purchased $5.99 billion (of a total $8.03 billion). And here's the kicker: when we commented on last week's 7 Year auction we once again were rather prophetic: "Altogether a weak auction but it's not like the PDs would let it fail especially not with QB9 becoming the next "flip back to the Fed" bond for the PD community." And tadaa: today, the Fed bought back 50% (!) of the Primary Dealer take down ($12.115 billion) of last Wednesday's (yes that would be the QB9) auction. This is probably the fastest episode Flip That Bond on record. Anything else and the Fed would be monetizing bonds that had not yet settled.



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