Following Core Meltdown, Reactor One At Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Explodes - Video

Following a report earlier that the Uranium at the Fukushima Power Plant may have melted, we sadly bring you this video of the explosion at Reactor one of the nuclear site.

A before and after picture, showing the loss of Reactor 1

From BBC:

There has been an explosion at a Japanese nuclear power plant that was hit by Friday's devastating earthquake.

Pictures show a blast at the Fukushima plant and initial reports say several workers were injured.

Nuclear expert, Malcolm Grimston told the BBC that nuclear materials may have been able to escape .

And as predicted by Zero Hedge first yesterday, the power plant has just announced that there is indeed a meltdown at the plant.

The core at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant's No. 1 reactor may be partially melting, the nuclear safety agency said Saturday.

Radioactive substance cesium was detected around the reactor, it said.

Alas, as many may be affected by fallout, we present the wind data for Asia for Saturday: