Following A Plethora Of Technical Breakdowns (And Outs), Here Are The Charts That Matter Next Week With Podcast

As usual, attached is the complete set of "charts that matter" next week from Goldman's John Noyce, which will hopefully be a useful source of technical clues for anyone trading the all too critical EURUSD which has become the defacto driver of global risk courtesy of 100% correlated ES algos. Being the primary variable doesn't make it any easier to predict: as Noyce observes, "EURUSD trades to new lows then squeezes back into the range - as ever this leaves quite a confused ST picture which makes it difficult to make a strong daily chart based call. The daily chart setup has again become confused at best, but the underlying structure still looks heavy and as such a sell on rallies bias still seems the one to stick with." While in the past we have agreed with Noyce outright (we is by far the best technician at Goldman) this time we are concerned that the EUR is the only one looking at big weakness. The reason why a straddle may be the best trade ahead of next week is that by next Friday many question marks should disappear: on July 21 the Euro parliament will convene for an emergency meeting at which some speculate Greece's fate may be decided, leading to a "soft" or "transitory" default which will send the EUR plunging at least briefly. On the other side of the Atlantic, we have Congress which is supposed to reach a decision (or not) by Friday the 22nd in order to meet the August 2 deadline. If no solution is reached in the next week, it will be the dollar's turn to plunge. So yes, next week will be critical. In addition to the above, Noyce touches on the technical breakout patterns in the BTP and the SPG chart, associated euro FX correlations, and the recent breakdown in JPY. Probably the biggest question is whether the right shoulder of the S&P H&S formation means a major drop back to the 1,260 level is imminent.

The Head and Shoulders formation in the S&P is glaring:

Full podcast:

Charts That Matter Audio by user5452365

And complete presentation:

Charts That Matter 7.15


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