Free Money Swiss Watch (And Franc) Style: RISK-ES Spread Closes

From Friday: "The Treasury may be ceasing the incremental funding for its market manipulative ESF.... but not quite yet. Presenting the E-mini surge on absolutely no volume. According to Chicago floor traders, at least one bank bought 150 S&P contracts at very the close with one obvious purpose: ramp the stock market into the weekend. Luckily, for the observant ones this is merely another free money opportunity: the ES-RISK spread just soared and presents the latest compression opportunity." As of a few minutes ago, the free money opportunity, courtesy of Brian Sack and the now legendary stupidity of momentum chasers (yes, we'll gladly take their money) has just been cashed in, and brings us to n out of n profitable ES-Spread compressions.

As usual, courtesy of Capital Context


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