Friday Episode Of Criminal Reserve's "Flip That Bond" Accompanies Dollar Plunge

Meanwhile, not letting any parabolic blow off in silver crisis go to waste, the Criminal Reserve and the Criminal Dealers engaged in another gang rape of whatever is left of the US middle class. Today's POMO, which closed with $6.688 billion of 3 year bonds getting monetized (at a whopping 5.6x Submitted/Accepted ratio), basically consisted of just two cusips: the 912828PQ7 and the 912828QH6. Of these two, QH6 represented $5.285 billion or 80% of the entire POMO. Why is this interesting? Because this CUSIP was auctioned off ten days ago, with an actual issuance date of February 15. That's Tuesday. The Fed just monetized bonds that were eligible for trading for a whopping 3 days! The daylight robbery, and the PD fringe benefits, continue as nobody apparently has the guts or half the brain to understand just how criminal this set up is. Luckily, everyone will magically, and very retroactively "know" just how ominous this now daily occurrence was after the next and last crash.

And for those US taxpayers who are somehow not zombified yet with their iPad apps and praying to find enough credit money for that 3rd liposuction, here is what now glaringly direct monetization does to the US currency.