Frontrunning: April 21

  • AIG said to insure Goldman's board against investor suits (Bloomberg)
  • UK unemployment hits 16 year high - they need to subcontract the BLS (FT)
  • Earnings update: Boeing says health costs cut outlook (Bloomberg), AT&T hit by charge (Reuters), Wells misses revenue estimate (Bloomberg), Morgan Stanley posts profit on CDS and bond trading (Bloomberg)
  • V-shaped explosion: an eventual inflationary collapse into a "double dip " Greater Recession (Asia Times)
  • Richard Rahn: could the US become Argentina (Washington Times)
  • Paulson reassures on Goldman role (Reuters, WSJ)
  • Goldman says SEC case hinges on actions of one employee (Bloomberg)
  • Greece says to agree joint text with IMF, EU by May 15, claims "restructuring talks are nonsense" (Reuters)
  • China under growing currency pressure (FT)
  • The consumer in question (FXSolutions)
  • Sons of Sarbox: Republicans can oppose the Dodd bill—and the big banks (WSJ)
  • A difficult path in Goldman case (NYT)
  • Poor pricing power poses problems for the US (BusinessWeek)
  • Carl Levin: another "big shoe" to drop on Goldman (Newsweek, h/t David)
  • Jeff Macke: Why charges against Goldman will have no market impact (Minyanville)
  • Debt burdens risk prolonging credit weakness, IMF warns (NYT)
  • Goldman Sachs: villain in a dumbed down moral fable (American Situation)


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