Frontrunning: April 8

  • Jonathan Weil: How $1 trillion time bomb posts a phony profit (Bloomberg)
  • Jobless recovery becomes more jobless and less recovery: initial claims spike by 18k to 460,000, miss expectations by 25k (Bloomberg)
  • Ken Rogoff Op-Ed: Bubbles lurk in government debt (FT)
  • Investors playing defense heighten Greek debt woes (WSJ)
  • Early Easter boosts March retail sales (Reuters) as consumer buy trinkets with money saved from not paying mortgage or credit cards
  • With oil surging, the old merger rumor is back: US Airways, United in talks again and again (WSJ, Reuters); in the meantime US Airways prepares to allow standing-only passengers on its flights
  • Geithner travels to China bearing oilve branch (Bloomberg, Market News)
  • Bending, not bowing: the Chinese case for a stronger, suppler currency (Economist)
  • Paul Volcker, inflationist (IBD)
  • China is reportedly set to revise currency policy (NYT)
  • Miracle economy gives "pilot" lessons to bankers (Bloomberg)
  • The Community Reinvestment Act and the Economics of Lending in Lower-Income Neighborhoods (Cleveland Fed)
  • NYT editorial, so no surprise it smells like Krugman: We need to extend unemployment benefits (NYT)


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