Frontrunning: December 14

  • The bank with the worst balance sheet remembers it is bonus time, systemic risk be screwed, pays back TARP (Bloomberg)
  • Matt Taibbi takes on... Steve Liesman in a blast from the past (The Nation)
  • And all is good again: Nakheel bonds double from 51 to 109.5 (Bloomberg)
  • Exxon to buy XTO energy for $31 billion in stock, not a single dollar in cash (Bloomberg)
  • Goldman fueled AIG gamles (WSJ)
  • Tullett Prebon will help brokers move out of U.K. (Bloomberg)
  • Obama versus the Banks: the pressure intensifies (Time)
  • Colony Capital's "fearless" Bazin shakes up Accor, Carrefour (Bloomberg)
  • Lazard's Weiss is year's busiest banker (WSJ)
  • US debt defies gravity (Washington Times)
  • Ginnie Mae's growth gives fuel to risky lenders (WaPo)
  • Pay worries slow BofA search (WSJ)
  • The dollar link: why is the dollar rising suddenly (FX Solutions)
  • Cadbury lifts sales target in defense against Kraft bid (MarketWatch)
  • Tax cuts might accomplish what spending hasn't (NYT)
  • Mort Zuckerman chimes in: don't touch the Fed (FT)
  • What's wrong with gentrification (New York Mag)



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