Frontrunning: December 15

  • Irish parliament to vote on EU/IMF bailout (Reuters)
  • China Consumers Signal Deepest Inflation Concern Since 1999 in PBOC Survey (Bloomberg)
  • Japan Confidence Deteriorates for First Time Since Crisis (Bloomberg)
  • Japan Cuts Corporation Tax in Growth Bid (FT)
  • U.S. at Risk of Rare Earths Supply Disruption (Reuters)
  • US SEC's ABS Quandary Still Pending Business (Market News)
  • George Soros Op-Ed: Europe should rescue banks before states (FT)
  • The countless exemptions, credits and deductions cost the government more than $1 trillion annually in foregone revenue. It's time for an overhaul. (LA Times)
  • Germany Stiffens Opposition to Bigger Bailout in ECB Face-Off (Bloomberg)
  • Fed Signals Stronger Economy Won't Slow $600 Billion Stimulus (Bloomberg)
  • Too Big To Fail Bids go REIT: Simon Property makes 3 billion pounds indicative CSC bid (Reuters)
  • Rising risks spur ECB to double reserves (FT)
  • Housing is the forgotten crisis (MarketWatch)
  • Eurogroup's Juncker: Survival Of Eurozone Is Not In Question (Market News), translation: the Eurozone is about to collapse
  • Corporate America's Short-Sightedness Is Not a New Phenomenon (Michael Panzner)
  • Tax Deal Is Shaping 2012 GOP Campaign (WSJ)
  • Tax Cuts Head for Senate Approval (Reuters)



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