Frontrunning: December 22

  • Eurostar may struggle to move passengers by Christmas (Bloomberg)
  • Lithuania let CIA use secret prison for interrogation (Bloomberg)
  • A rising euro poses a threat to parts of block (WSJ)
  • FBI probes hacker attack on Citigroup (WSJ, AP)
  • Dubai stock markets to merge amid debt woe (WSJ)
  • Are S&P 500 growth projections realistic (Seeking Alpha)
  • Did deregulation cause the crash (The Claremont Institute)
  • UK economy remains in recession (BBC)
  • S&P - Nikkei spread collapses; Nikkei at 3 month high (Bloomberg)
  • WTO backs ruling to loosen China media imports (MarketWatch)
  • Eight things for markets to watch out for in 2010 (Bloomberg)
  • Storm on big weekend raises worries for banks (NYT)
  • Socialism creeps in as America sleeps (



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