Frontrunning: December 27

  • Nigeria quick to point out supposed would be bomber snuck into country. (Scammers? Sure. Bombers? Niger[ia], please!) [reuters]
  • Mousavi's nephew reportedly killed in Iran.  [reuters]
  • Gordon Brown sucks at economics.  ("The shadow [cabinet] knows.") [timesonline]
  • 2009: South Korean group wins $40 billion UAE nuclear reactor deal.  (2011: South Korean group writes off $36 billion in UAE receivables) [reuters]
  • French group reportedly overbid by $16 billion.  (French management contract stipulated that reactors could only work for 30 hours per week)
  • Dubai Properties Group fires key executives, CFO.  (Senior employees "leaving for other opportunities."  Read: "To head up UAE reactor project.") [reuters]
  • China likes the Yuan right where it is, thank you very much.  (Timmy: "Pretty please? Aw, c'mon!  We'll be your best friend!") [reuters]
  • Housing prices, however, seem a bit high.  (Is that a bubble in your housing, China, or are you just happy to stimulate me?) [bloomberg]
  • Today in History: Afghanistan seized by Soviets.  (1979)