Frontrunning: February 3

  • Quants ideas sink market, cause ruin (Bloomberg)
  • Norges Bank keeps policy rate on hold at 1.75%, Krone drops (Norges Bank)
  • Almunia endorses some imgainary plan according to which Greece "promises" to cut its budget (Bloomberg, and Bloomberg)
  • This should come as no surprise to anyone at this point: Turn On, Tune Out, Drop Out: CNBC ratings get smashed (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
  • Greece rattled by hidden debt controversy (Telegraph)
  • AIG Set to pay $100 million in bonuses this week (WSJ)
  • Bank of America to pay average banker bonus of $400,000 (Bloomberg)
  • Save the middle class while fixing banks for good (Delta Global)
  • Spain's tax cheat landlords add to rising state debt (Bloomberg)
  • Pfizer profit misses, 2010 view below forecast (Reuters, Bloomberg)
  • Brooksley Born in, Geithner out (theStreet)



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