Frontrunning: January 15

  • As anticipated, China FX reserves surge to $2.4 trillion; no accompanying TSY purchasing (Bloomberg)
  • Steven Pearlstein: A transaction tax is the answer (WaPo)
  • Stiglitz: Why are we letting Wall Street off so easy? (Mother Jones)
  • JPMorgan beats profit, revenues miss; shares, futures fall on cautionary language from Dimon (WSJ)
  • Euro falls most in month against dollar on Greece; oil drops (Bloomberg)
  • The Greek CDS curve is now inverted (FTAlphaville)
  • Brooksley Born wants the public—and Wall Street—to understand unregulated derivatives’ role in the crisis (City Journal)
  • Separating investment banks will not make us safer (FT)
  • Little by little, even the pretense of change is dropped: goodbye to the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (Bloomberg)
  • Escalation: US may take formal measures against China over Google hacking (Bloomberg)
  • Strengthening U.S. recovery may intensify Fed debate on exit...They must be looking at a different U.S.(Bloomberg)
  • No credit bubble at all: China's round-the-clock auto factories still cannot meet demand (Bloomberg)
  • Rating agency complacency is back (Bloomberg)



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