Frontrunning: July 20

  • Proposals Emerge to Curb Greek Debt Load (WSJ)
  • IMF Warns Euro-Zone Crisis Risks Global Spillover (WSJ)
  • Senators craft potential escape from default (FT)
  • In response to Geithner's Op-ed: Little to celebrate on Dodd-Frank’s birthday (FT)
  • IEA not decided on second oil release – Tanaka (Reuters)
  • Papandreou Sees Make-or-Break Time in Crisis on Eve of Summit (Bloomberg)
  • Alan Beattie: Let Europe pay for its policy failures (FT)
  • Berlin and Moscow leaders foster trade ties (FT)
  • China's moderating growth to aid inflation fight (Reuters)
  • Give Greece What It Deserves: Communism (Forbes)
  • IMF Signals BOJ Could Buy More Assets as Price Outlooks Diverge (Bloomberg)
  • Joke Is on China as U.S.’s AAA Becomes Laughable (Bloomberg)
  • Ahluwalia Sees Several Months to Bring India Inflation to Acceptable Level (Bloomberg)

European economic snapshot:

  • Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence -12 - lower than expected Consensus -10.2 Previous -9.8
  • Germany Producer Prices for June 0.1% mom 5.6% yoy higher than expectedConsensus 0.0% mom 5.5% yoy Previous 0.0% mom 6.1% yoy
  • Italy Industrial Orders s.a. for May 4.1% mom higher than expectedConsensus 2.3% mom Previous -6.0% mom (Revised from -6.4% mom)
  • Italy Industrial Orders n.s.a. for May 13.6% yoy higher than expected Consensus 10.2% yoy Previous 5.8% yoy
  • Italy Industrial Sales s.a. for May -1.7%momPrevious 1.5% mom
  • Italy Industrial Sales n.s.a. for May 10.8% yoyPrevious 14.3% yoy (Revised from 14.2%yoy)
  • Italy Current Account for May -5094MPrevious -5604M
  • UK Bank of England Minutes




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