Frontrunning: July 8

  • Jim Willie: Road to Perdition (Financial Sense)
  • Paper gold versus the dollar? Interview with Jim Rickards (Institutional Risk Analytics)
  • Reid so toxic his son campaigns without last name (Bloomberg)
  • ECB holds rates at 1%, faces liquidity grilling (Reuters)
  • And somehow the IMF raises growth expectations as the world enters a double dip (Bloomberg)
  • Hedge funds "frozen in headlights" cut trading as markets swing (Bloomberg)
  • Bond and currency markets may have discounted deflationary trends. In other words, they get it. (Barrons)
  • BP dampens hope of early leak fix (Reuters)
  • Are you happy for "Perfect Citizen"? - U.S. program to detect cyber attacks on infrastructure (WSJ)
  • Job nows, deficits...soon (WaPo)
  • A heavy price for "cheap" mortgages (Post)
  • The rout of Obamanomics (American Spectator)
  • Reforming the Over-the-Counter Derivatives Market: What’s to Be Gained? (Cleveland Fed)


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