Frontrunning: June 14

  • Kyrgyz crisis tops Russian headlines for four days, rest of world couldn't care less (Russian Scoop)
  • America's municipal debt racket (WSJ) - Notable as the household sector's holdings in munis surpass $1 trillion for first time ever (Z1, p.64)
  • Fed to conduct first test auction of bank CDs (WaPo)
  • Carry-on charging Spirit Airlines grounds all flights through June 15 as pilots go on strike(Bloomberg)
  • BP stock lower as the firm faces containment deadline as Obama seeks escrow (Bloomberg)
  • Cost of fixing Fannie, Freddie at $140 billion, $1 trillion worst case (Bloomberg)
  • Morgan Stanley: Just say no to double dip (Morgan Stanley)
  • John Paulson takes ex-SEC bigs on board (Post)
  • Liquid assets: Bordeaux 2009 futures sell 700 cases and hour, freeze computer (Bloomberg)
  • America's crisis of confidence (Newsweek)
  • Cliff Asness: Hedge Funds may face different tax increase (Bloomberg)
  • Rehashing an old known - European debt burden falls heavily on France and Germany (NYT)
  • BP largest shareholders cut stake as price falls (Telegraph)
  • Apple's secrecy irks Congress (Politico)
  • Jeff Skilling's jailhouse interview (Fortune)


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