Frontrunning: May 5

  • China’s Top Fund Manager Favors Commodities as Inflation Worsens (Bloomberg)
  • U.S. Warns China Is Closing Up Again (WSJ)
  • Bullish for destroyed crops: France’s Second-Hottest April in Century Desiccates Farm Fields (Bloomberg)
  • A Mission Not Yet Accomplished (David Leonhardt)
  • FM for Flexibility in IMF Capital Flow Control Framework (Business Standard)
  • Syrian Troops Storm Damascus Suburb, Make Arrests (Reuters)
  • Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation deal to end four-year rift (Xinhua)
  • Central Banks Expand Gold Reserves With $6 Billion in Purchases (Bloomberg)
  • BOE Holds Interest Rate at 0.5% on Signs Recovery Is Fading (Bloomberg)
  • Barclays' Protium Deal is 'all that's wrong in the City' (Daily Telegraph)
  • Mortgage Fraud: Will Wall Street finally have to pay for its misdeeds? (Time)
  • Portugal Faces Pain Despite Rescue (FT)
  • Fed Ready to Fight Inflation, but Not Yet Time (Reuters)
  • Republicans Want Numbers Ahead of Debt Meeting (Reuters)
  • Portugal Says GDP to Contract 2% This Year Under Added Cuts (Bloomberg)


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