Frontrunning: October 7

  • Greenspan Op-Ed: Fear undermines America’s recovery (FT)
  • Revision season begins: job losses in 2009 likely bigger than thought (Reuters)
  • The Mutual Fund in the 'Flash Crash' (WSJ)
  • Yen at fresh high amid intervention talk (FT)
  • Japan Says It Won't Join Currency Devaluation Race (Bloomberg)
  • Geithner Calls for Currency Cooperation Amid Rush to Weaken (Bloomberg)
  • Jonathan Weil debunks another government lie: why AIG's numbers are much worse than presented (Bloomberg)
  • Fed is banking on phony wealth effect (Reuters)
  • Fed Officials Mull Inflation as a Fix (WSJ)
  • NY Fed takes $180m hit on Hilton debt restructuring (FT)
  • Greek Services Paralyzed as Public Workers Strike Over Austerity (Bloomberg)
  • Coming Full Circle on Monetary Policy  (Barrons)
  • Sarkozy ‘urged SocGen to give in to takeover’ (FT)
  • German August Industrial Production Jumps More Than Forecast (Bloomberg)
  • U.S. Treasury wants weaker dollar (Fundmastery)
  • Coveted Beverly Hills property sold for $148.3 million (LA Times)
  • Lehman’s Do-Over Quest Runs Against Facts in Court (Bloomberg)
  • Alcoa Profit May Drop 29% as Weak Dollar Offsets Aluminum Price (Bloomberg)


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