Frontrunning: September 16

  • Pearlstein: What kind of judge stands up for truth and justice? (WaPo)
  • Treasury announces it will reduce one of its rescue programs from $200 billion to $15 billion (AP) - we now have six weeks before the US defaults under current debt ceiling regime
  • Foreign trade keeps stalling: current account deficit at 2.8% of GDP hits lowest since 1991 (AP)
  • Gold keeps climbing higher (FT)
  • The SEC gets neutered again (CNNMoney)
  • Dollar pressure continues as greenback hits fresh low (MarketWatch)
  • Wells Fargo urges US to boost mortgage market, no "or else" part added yet (FT, h/t Lizzie)
  • Dick Parsons joining PE firm Providence, to keep his Citi post (Reuters)
  • British jobless rate near 13 year high at 7.9% (AP)
  • Baum: Obama scolds bankers, appeals to moral compass (Bloomberg)
  • More subsidies to keep "economy going": $8,000 homebuyer tax-break set likely to expand to $15,000 (NY Times, h/t Lizzie)
  • What Bernanke really said (Forbes)
  • Chrysler turnaround "slow process" says CEO (Reuters)
  • Michael Pento talks markets and the Fed (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
  • Bernanke says recession over, should you care (Big Picture)






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