Frontrunning Today's POMO Taxpayer Rape

Today, the Fed's openly fraudulent operations desk will buy back $6-8 billion of bonds maturing between 01/31/2015 – 06/30/2016 starting at 10:15 am Eastern. Below we present a table showing the 10 cheapest CUSIPs that the Fed SHOULD be buying, considering that it should be monetizing, as it is supposed to, the best bang for the buck bonds. Note that nowehere in the list is CUSIP 912828PM6 due 12/31/2015 or the last 5 Year auctioned off, which is in fact one of the bonds trading richest relative to the entire spline. In other words, if the Fed ends up accepted a bulk of PM6, someone in Congress should really pretend they give a rat's ass about the 300 million or so US citizens raped daily by the kleptocratic elite, before said (mostly armed) 300 million finally realize what a complete criminal fraud the PD-FED complex is.

Here are the 10 CHEAPEST bonds:

Note the relative RICHNESS of PM6.


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