Future Money Trends On Why Gold Is The Money Of Kings, And Debt Is The Money Of Slaves

The folks at Future Money Trends have released another comprehensive video clip which summarizes the key aspects of the gold price thesis (which should be all too clear to our readers, who have been following it since $800). At 6 minutes long, virtually anyone can afford to take the time and hear it out, which we certainly urge now that we once again have increasing chatter that QE3 is around the corner (those $4 trillion in deficit funding pieces of paper won't monetize themselves). That alone is sure to send gold again in play: after all the biggest jump in the precious metal last year occurred only after the "incredulous" ones realized that Bernanke was not at all kidding about his infinite dilution quest (yes, the Fed will do anything to save the banking masters).

And for those who wish to perform a deeper dive, below is a video from Nick Barisheff from Bullion Management Group at the Empire Club, presenting a slightly less abridged version of what was said above (link).