FX Heatmaps: Risk Off As Yen Surges, Euro Plunges

The past three days of Risk On market action are all gone and forgotten, as the 250 pips of "BoJ FX intervention" have to be eliminated. As a result the USDJPY is 130 pips tighter compared to 8 hours ago, down to 84.6, and the AUDJPY and futures have followed suit. On the other end of the risk spectrum, the EUR is dropping like a rock, across every currency in the world, is testing 1.27 against the dollar, and is back down to a 1.30 handle vs the CHF. Elsewhere, Bund stops were triggered as the German bond futures hit fresh all time highs. All those who were expecting the rotation out of bonds and into stocks to begin, and bet accordingly, our condolences. Feel free to blame the BoJ.





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