G-Pap Says Not Only Is He Not Resigning, But Government Reshuffle Has Been Postponed

Per Reuters, the "Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said on Thursday he would stick to the course of reforms and would continue to seek wider consensus among Greece's political parties. "I seek and will continue seeking wider consensus," he told Parliament in an address. "Our response to the challenges we face is stability and to stay on our course of reforms." Apparently, the man who is now without any credibility, also announced during a live televizied appearance that the Cabinet shuffle, announced yesterday to placate the masses has been postponed according to Sky News. Curiously he also said,to a standing ovation, that he would reshuffle his cabinet before putting it to a vote of confidence by the parliament. In other words, everything has been kicked down the street and there is even less confidence about what is about to happen than before. This is increasingly starting to smell like a (hopefully non-violent) government overthrow in the making, especially now that G-Pap officially has less than the 151 votes needed to pass any PASOK proposal following recent party defections.


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