G-Pap: "You Love Me, You Really Love Me".... Greek PM Releases Statement On Passing Confidence Vote By A Margin Of 4 Votes

Once again, the non-Greek speaking population has the opportunity to poke fun at G-Pap's vote of confidence reception speech courtesy of Google Translate.

The Prime Minister, George Papandreou, the Ministerial Council of 22 June 2011, recommended the following:

"Our government took a vote of confidence yesterday by the Greek Parliament.

This vote is a confirmation of the mandate for the continuation of the difficult, national effort that began 20 months ago.

A tough battle to save and change the country.

Battle within to put our house in order and promote the great changes that are hungry all the Greeks.

Battle in the EU and internationally to ensure the smoothness of the course.

To ensure the financing of the country and make it manageable debt.

The overall international environment is tough. It is unstable and often embarrassing.

But we know where we go. Is there a specific national plan to implement in 2013.

Greece will succeed. As he did so far, despite the scaremongering and misery of some.

We are in constant and tough negotiations with our partners.

Our decision is not guarantee in any way and we guarantee the stability of our course, the prospect of our society and the radical change in our country.

This decision is not negotiable. "

Council of Ministers discussed the following issues:

- Draft Law: Law of Efarmostikos Medium Term Financial Framework - Rapporteur Mr. E. Venizelos

- Draft Law: New way of licensing and control building construction - Rapporteur N. Sifunakis


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