Game Over For Moody's On Einhorn Kiss Of Death? Stock Plunges After Greenlight Strategic Short Revealed

Update: the Einhorn-Ackman dynamic duo does the groupthink tango, as Ackman joins Einhorn in bashing rating agencies. Tomorrow's MCO open will be a bloodbath

It's official: Moody's is the next Lehman. The ratings agency just received the kiss of death after David Einhorn announced he is short the name at the Ira Sohn conference (we are not sure how this is news...Einhorn has repeatedly noted his hatred of the rating agency). With numerous other adverse catalysts, such as the pending Wells Notice, as well as the fact that its business model is conflicted is obsolete, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. And since we are confident that uber honest capitalist Waren Buffett is by now completely out of the name, replaced presumably with the same idiot middle east sovereign wealth money that just gulped up the Treasury's Citi stake, there won't be too many tears wept at its funeral. RIP Moody's.