Gaza Fires 50 Mortars Into Israel, Heaviest Barrage In Two Years, As Latest Black Swan Stretches Its Wings

Whether related to the broadly escalating violence in the region or not, the latest development out of Israel is sure to bring even more geopolitical tension, especially with Iran adn Syria already on edge following their own violent protests (and arguably looking for a political scapegoat). BBC reports that "Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired dozens of missiles into southern Israel in what appears to be their heaviest such barrage in two years. About 50 mortars were fired - two Israelis were hurt, Israel says." Never one to step away from an escalation, Israel replied in kind: "Israeli tanks later shelled targets in the coastal strip, wounding at least five people, Palestinian officials say." We are confident newsflow out of Israel and Gaza will intensify as the latest and greatest Black Swan out of the middle east is now stretching its wings.

More from the BBC:

The Islamist group Hamas, which runs Gaza, said it fired some of the mortars. Three days ago an Israeli air strike killed two of its members.

The BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza says this seems to be an escalation - both in terms of the number of rockets fired from Gaza and the fact that Hamas said it was responsible.

Hamas's military wing said it launched dozens of rockets, our correspondent reports.

Hamas and Israel have largely halted hostilities since the end of the Gaza war in January 2009, but skirmishes often break out around the border area.

Although members of Hamas's military wing rarely carry out attacks, the Israeli military says it holds the group responsible for all militant activity in the Gaza Strip.

The problem is that while in the past Hamas v Israel tensions have been even higher, never before has the entire periphery been involved in a cycle of revolutionary uprisings, thereby making the downstream consequences of any escalation even more unpredictable with social and religious stability in the region in a complete state of flux.


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