Geithner: "Fed Audit Would Be Problematic For The Country"

It is the esteemed Treasury Secretary's opinion, that anything that has to do with demystifying why the Fed is hell bent on destroying the US dollar, killing the middle class, and allowing Lloyd Blankfein to purchase Larry Ellison's yacht collection, is squarely in the "problematic for the country" camp. Never mind that more than half the country (in fact almost two-thirds) have indirectly voiced their support for HR 1207. But at least it is good to know where Geithner's allegiances lie, and even better to see how good at totally perverting facts (not just taxes) the SecTres is.

And the punchline: "The true test of the Fed is the market." Is there a way to give Mr. Geithner an economics test because it seems he might have graduated with a biz-econ degree from Devry.