GMAC Mortgage: "Proudly Executing Up To 10,000 Fake Documents Per Month"

Since we live in a day and age when nobody in their right mind has the attention span to read an actual deposition transcript, here is a powerpoint presentation prepared by Max Gardner's Bankruptcy Boot Camp excerpting the deposition of GMAC Mortgage employee Jeffrey Stephen in which he essentially confirms that the firm executes up to 10,000 fake documents per month. The punchline:

Q. So other than the due date and the balances due, is it correct that you do not know whether any other part of the affidavit that you sign is true?

A. That could be correct.

We could be wrong, but this is about to become a national level scandal.

Full must read summary (ppt link, feel free to send to all your friends and neighbors who may have had a GMAC mortgage):