Gold, Silver Surge After John Taylor Predicts Gold To Hit $1,900 By October

In the past few minutes both gold and silver have seen a dramatic rally of buying on seemingly no news. The reason for this rally are remarks from a Bloomberg TV interview with FX Concepts' John Taylor, who just predicted that Gold will extend its rally to $1,900 by October, or in three months, coupled with a rally in the Assuie and Loonie as the EU debt crisis eases. But not for long: this record price will be promptly followed by a plunge down to $1,100 following liquidations as the latest and greatest recession grips the world, which he believes will be worse than the 2008 one due to the US running out of "gimmicks" to avert a slowdown. He believes the EU will slow as well, and the euro will drop to $1.15, and may hit parity next year (not a new call for Taylor).

Watch the full clip below