Gold Surges After Japan Says It Is Considering New QE And Geithner Guarantees Currency Wars

A quick look at gold price action demonstrates that someone somewhere is actively debasing currencies. An even quicker scan of headlines confirms this to be the case: per Reuters "Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Wednesday the central bank will consider expanding a new scheme for buying assets ranging from government bonds to exchange-traded funds when deemed necessary." Harakiri Shirakawa continued: "We have taken a very bold measure ... If the need arises in the future, making further use of the new fund as part of monetary policy is one of our strongest policy options." Judging by the chart below, either gold has a tent in its pocket or was really happy to hear this announcement.

And just to confirm that the world is going to hell in a depreciating handbasket, Geithner essentially has guaranteed that a currency war is imminent. Also from Reuters:

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday he sees "no risk" of a global currency war and wants to maximize incentives for China to allow its yuan to rise in value.

He told the Charlie Rose Show in an interview that China would work against its basic development objectives if it kept its currency undervalued.

"I'm very confident over time that this is going to happen," he said of Chinese currency appreciation. "We just want to make sure it's happening at a gradual but still significant rate."

Mm hmm. And for a vivid demonstration of Geithner's top-ticking predictive capacity, we bring you: "Welcome to the Recovery", the SecTres' August 2 OpEd, which appeared days before the massive July NFP miss set off America on its trajectory with fate and QE2.  In other words, stock up on that Costco year-long ration. It will be a long, devalued winter.