Gold Surges To Fresh Record Spot Of $1,367.65 On Report China To Put More Reserves Into Gold

And so gold takes off, as the CRB index passes 300, with America blissfully unaware $100 oil and 20% U-6 unemployment is next, leading to a total collapse in the economy. The catalyst: Bloomberg reports China to put more reserves in gold. This time gold is flying even as the dollar is not getting crushed, implying that capital flows are not simply "gold on, dollar on." The surge in gold is once again making relative stock gains for the day priced in gold negative. With nobody daring to actually short stocks on fear of random buy-ins (such as the one in IWM today) Gold continues to be the way to express a negative bias on stocks, and one which on a pair trade basis has been profitable on any historical horizon basis as gold's "beta" is better than that of stocks.