Greece Caught Lying AGAIN As Debt And Deficit Figures To "Shoot Up" Post Audit

And the pathological lies of Greece continue to be exposed (not surprisingly, this is occurring after G-Pap the elder repeated about 1,000 times that Greece is not insolvent both before it was bailed out, as well as after, as if he is dealing with a psychiatric ward of clinical idiots). According to AFP, "increased figures for Greek national debt and deficits covering contested data from 2006 to 2009 will be published this month, the EU said on Wednesday after conducting its first invasive audit." Which means that Greece has been lying all along, and not just into its May bankruptcy, but after it as well. At what point will the people of Germany finally rebel and say enough with this endless bailout and even more endless subsidization of liars?

"The Greek deficit and debt figures will be revised upwards, the figures will be bigger," said Amadeu Altafaj Tardio, the spokesman for the bloc's economic affairs commissioner Olli Rehn.

After the EU in April slammed dodgy data provided by Greece's previous right-wing government, the EU's data agency Eurostat secured beefed-up powers to launch on-site inspections of countries' books.

"Several investigations" have now taken place in Greece since these new powers entered into force on August 19, but "after the latest visit, it was evident that some areas of uncertainty remain."

He added that Rehn was reinforcing resources on the ground in Greece so as to leave "no stone unturned" in the "urgent task" of discovering the true extent of Greek debt.

As Europe moves towards new forms of cross-border economic governance in a bid to better compete with global rivals, the lead balloon of debt is a "heavy burden" for future generations that threatens to hold back all of Europe, the spokesman also implied.

What is the point to even comment on this terminal Keynesian petrification in which lying and crimes in broad daylight are encouraged by the respective governments.