Greece Yields Surge As Vigilantes Call Greek/EU/IMF Bluff, Stocks Drop

As we expected last night, G-Pap's latest round of commentary was certain to set off fireworks in today's bond arena. Sure enough, at last check the 10 Year spread to Bunds had blown out by 40 bps to almost 400 bps, this is approaching the record wides seen during the duration of the entire crisis. As usual, the collateral damage is a drop in the ASE which was about 2% lower for the day, as well as Greek banks, mostly in the red. The primary source for the weakness was Moody's (which is now about 4 notches behind Fitch) statement that "there is a 50% chance that Greece's credit rating could receive another downgrade in the next 12 to 18 months if fiscal consolidation falls short of goals. If Athens falls short of perfection, the Greek rating will be downgraded, a Moody's spokesman said" as reported by the WSJ. Additionally, a new round of strike is once again paralyzing the country. And confirming our observations that the half-life of any good news out of Greece is now less than 24 hours is Brown Brothers Harriman, which sent out a note to clients saying: "The afterglow of yesterday's Greek T-bill auction has faded." Lastly, CDS are back over 400 bps. The "speculators" are closing in on the kill... or at least the formal announcement of the bailout mechanism's activation by G-Pap. The loaded fire extinguisher is about to become a loaded gun, to be used shortly in a fatal game of Greek roulette (Russian roulette variation, where all the chambers are loaded).